Frequently Asked Questions

Tidal Network strives to connect communities and residents of Southeast Alaska by increasing access to broadband internet and providing training for digital literacy. The program leverages grant opportunities available to address areas with underserved and unserved broadband internet access. Grant funds will be applied to the construction to assist and subsidize high-cost internet to residents of Southeast Alaska. 

Additionally, Tidal Network is responsible for the use and management of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) 2.5 gigahertz spectrum award.

To maximize the use of broadband, Tidal Network will offer digital literacy and in-home service to ensure the fullest use of technology to bridge the digital divide for all generations and citizens.

Tidal Network will also work in partnership with other entities such as Tribes, Alaska Native corporations, Alaska tribal health organizations, municipalities and businesses to provide a robust set of solutions depending on localized needs.

Tidal Network’s mission is to provide low-cost broadband internet to underserved households. 

Tidal Network will offer several plans with no data cap (terms and conditions may apply; plans subject to change)

  • Basic: 25 Mbps/3 Mbps; ‘free’ service for eligible households with limited access to recreational sites. To determine eligibility, visit the Affordable Connectivity Program at   
  • Premium: up to 100 Mbps/20 Mbps 
  • Business: 1 Gbps, depending on location

Tidal Network will offer services in locations previously unserved. Additionally, Tidal Network will offer services  not traditionally offered by internet service providers, to include: assistance with configuring personal devices, troubleshooting issues, and digital literacy training to help users become more proficient at online activities.

Tidal Network will offer managed services for businesses, tower leasing, and fiber leasing

Anyone in our growing service area qualifies, with pilot programs launching in Wrangell and Sitka in early 2024. 

Tidal Network aims to expand coverage to unserved communities in Southeast Alaska when funding is available. New sites will be added to our coverage map as they come online. Pilot programs are launching in Wrangell and Sitka in early 2024. 

Tidal Network is unique in that our primary goal is to provide broadband access to communities and households that were previously unserved. However, customers with access to other internet service providers may still choose Tidal Network for other reasons, such as available support services or discounted service plans.

Tidal Network is targeting early 2024 for launch of services in Wrangell and Sitka, depending on the supply chain.

Tidal Network will visit the communities in person to launch and initiate the enrollment process. An online tool will be available as well.

Tidal Network will advertise as new communities are added to our internet service provider (ISP) network. Other services, such as remote technical support and managed in-home Wi-Fi, may be available immediately to anyone with existing phone or internet access.

Tidal Network will provide equipment, installation and new-user training! 

Access to the customer application for parental security, usage data, and connectivity status will be provided to each customer and managed by Tidal Network.

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